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Leiden is a city that is found within a Dutch province known as South Holland. This is an ancient location that has been steadily inhabited since at least the Roman times. Nestled upon the shores of what is known as the Old Rhine, Leiden has experienced both prosperous times and turmoil. Having flourished during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as a centre of the enlightenment, Leiden was subsequently besieged during the Eighty Years' War as well as having been subject to allied bombardment during World War Two.

Today, Leiden has once again become an important commercial and cultural centre within the Netherlands. Numerous ancient churches, fortifications and universities are located within its confines. However, Leiden is also a very "green" city thanks to the countless parks and recreational areas found on its outskirts. The economy here is based off of modern industry and tourism, and Leiden is colloquially known as the "City of Books" due to the many institutions of higher education. Thanks to foreign investment and a booming economy, Leiden is continuing to expand will into the 21st century. It is for these reasons that flower delivery to Leiden is one of the most popular gift ideas.

Sending a flower arrangement that reflects the very culture and vivacity of the city itself is guaranteed to make that special someone smile.


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