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Flower Delivery to Amstelveen

The Dutch are right in many things, but when they think of Amstelveen as merely a suburb of Amsterdam, they are wrong! A short metro ride from Amsterdam, Amstelveen has enough to keep the visitor interested, educated and amused.

As in many Dutch cities, art is important here and the Cobra Museum of Modern Art should be on any art-lover's must-see list. It houses a wonderful collection of art from the 'Cobra' movement, which began in 1940s Paris and placed an emphasis on spontaneity and freedom as a counterpoint to the drab post-war years.

Amstelveen also houses a park that is three times as big as Central Park in New York. Particularly impressive as winter fades and the spring flowers bring a welcome touch of colour, the Amsterdamse Bos has a huge lake and five separate natural habitats. Children love the park as it is also home to a number of children's zoos where 'hands on' is the motto.

The city is well-situated for day trips, one of the classics being to see the carpets of flowers in the tulip fields. These tulips may well form part of a bouquet if you want to make the gift of a flower delivery to Amstelveen.

Send Colorful Wreaths and Pretty Flowers to Your Loved ones to Amstelveen

Amstelveen is a relatively modern residential city with several botanical gardens. The city is also known for hosting The Cobra Museum of Modern Art. During your stay in Amstelveen, take advantage of the proximity to visit Amsterdam and nature! Go for a walk in the woods in the morning and enjoy the afternoon shopping on Kalverdtraat. There are so many wonders to discover in one day, what more could you ask for?

The city has become a popular destination for Amsterdam's wealthy inhabitants who used to rent cottages to enjoy the countryside. Take your time to visit it! Go cycling, walking, sailing, or bird watching.

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to brighten up your loved one with a wreath of red tulips, and new brides tend to choose the refined elegance of the white tulip. Send your unique gifts with FloraQueen international flower delivery.

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*The National Flower of Netherlands
* Everything You Should Know About Flower Delivery to Amstelveen

The National Flower of Netherlands

It's no secret that the Dutch know a lot about flowers. Indeed, the tulips, of which there are more than 800 varieties, are the stars of the flower scene in Holland.

Known worldwide for their tulip fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, the Netherlands owes this specialty to a botanist from Arras. In the 16th century, Charles de Lécluse introduced this flower from the East. The love story began immediately, as Dutch people of all social classes fell in admiration of this flower's bright colors.

Everything You Should Know About Flower Delivery to Amstelveen

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