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Friends, relatives and loved ones living in the hot, dusty lands of the United Arab Emirates will be delighted to receive a gift of flowers. Al Ain is a historic city in Abu Dhabi, which lies on the old caravan route to Oman. It is often called the ‘Oasis City’ or the ‘Garden City,’ and its name means ‘the spring’ in Arabic. It is full of fascinating heritage, with many ancient forts, prehistoric tombs and a traditional camel market. Al Ain is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world, and is the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s second largest city.

Like many parts of the Arab world, Al Ain also has lots of new attractions, with a theme park, wildlife park and water park, and many sporting facilities such as a world-class go-karting track. Maybe your friends and relatives escape the desert heat by strolling in the Al Ain Oasis Park, where ancient water channels lie in the shade of thousands of palm trees. They will certainly appreciate it when you send a flower delivery to Al Ain, whether they are to celebrate personal events such as birthdays and weddings, or to mark local celebrations such as Eid or Accession Day.

Send Attractive and Beautiful Flowers to Al-Ain

Al-Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is commonly known as "the Spring" or the "Garden City."

Al-Ain is located 100 miles southeast of Dubai, near the border with Oman, and still maintains the essence of the UAE's cultural heritage. Al-Ain is a city with the most authentic Islamic architecture, often compared to other large cosmopolitan cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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Lovely Flowers to Send to Al-Ain

Many places are worth visiting, such as the camel market, Sheikh Zayed palace, Al-Ain national museum, Al-Ain Oasis, and Jebel Hafeet mountain.

While the United Arab Emirates has no official flower, it doesn't mean that this nation doesn't appreciate flowers. Al-Ain is one of the UAE's commercial and economic hub. However, the city is also beautiful, with many colorful dahlias lining the avenues.

Every year, residents organize festivals to celebrate the beauty of flowers and seek to enhance cultural diversity.

If you know a Muslim friend, you can send him or her a beautiful wreath as a goodwill gift during Ramadan's Muslim holiday. Flowers are also essential gifts that you should give to your dear ones during a meal. It can be viewed as bad habits to forget to bring flowers to a dinner in the United Arab Emirates.

Flower Delivery To Al Ain

FloraQueen is an international flower delivery service. Since 2004, the company has built a solid reputation for delivering flowers online worldwide. This success, far from being easy, is the fruit of 16 years of hard work, engagement, and determination. In Al-Ain, we deliver lovely wreaths by hand using our local florists worldwide. Today, you can order online and share your happiness with your dear ones for all occasions.


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