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Flower Delivery to Taichung

Taichung, translated as Central Taiwan, is the third-largest city of Taiwan with over 2.7 million inhabitants. Its motto is: economic, cultural and international city.

It has a highly developed commercial centre with traditional businesses, small shops, large factories and traditional eateries. Taichung is the place where the famous Taiwanese Bubble Tea was invented in the 1980´s.

Find the perfect gift for your family at home, in one of the various shops or surprise your friends in Taichung with a personally picked gift from a flower delivery service.

Taichung has a pleasant climate throughout the year with a yearly average of 23°C . Because of this, and its cultural features, it welcomes many tourists all year round.

Many museums are located in the city, such as the National museum of Fine Arts and the National museum of Natual Science. The Taichung Folklore Park presents the Taiwanese traditional way of life, with a rustic set-up.

It offers various temples and national historic sites, like the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden. This mansion is surrounded by beautiful gardens, full of trees and flowers, set in traditional style.

Surprise Loved Ones and Send Flowers to Taichung with Flower Delivery to Taiwan

Located in the west of Taiwan is the mountainous city, Taichung. Surrounded by nature, the city is a popular destination for hiking and sailing. Even with its beautiful natural surroundings, there is a ton of life within the bustling city center. Why not spread the love and take a moment to enjoy Mother Nature with flowers by FloraQueen?

This article covers:

* Popular flowers in Taichung
* Customizing floral bouquets

Popular Flowers in Taichung

The national flower in Taiwan is the plum blossom or the prunus mei, as it is known in the country. The plum blossom is known to symbolize winter, and in Taiwan, winter is a symbol of perseverance and hope. It also represents beauty and purity.

If you are looking to send a heavenly scented bouquet, consider adding some plum blossoms. Be careful as the plum and cherry blossom are sometimes mixed up due to their color; however, the one feature that separates these two amazing flowers, is the spike at the end of a cherry blossom.

Other flowers to consider sending to friends and family in Taichung are orchids. They are very similar in color to the plum blossom. Orchids can be given as part of a floral bouquet in a vase, or as a potted plant. They are also a great addition as their flowers bloom at the stem; therefore, very few are needed to add volume.

For those looking for a more traditional bouquet, roses, carnations, and daisies are other floral alternatives. These particular flowers come in different colors so you can mix and match or pick the colors you know the recipient would like.

Final Thoughts

There are many options available in terms of flower selection in Taichung. If you are considering surprising someone with flowers in this city, know that you are not limited to a few choices. Look no further for customized and personalized bouquets as FloraQueen has you covered anytime and anywhere.


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