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The port city of Busan celebrates its access to the Pacific Ocean in every possible way. Many South Koreans flock to its main beaches during the summer months to enjoy the sun and surf and to sample seafood fresh from the ocean and prepared in Busan’s own unique manner. Second only to Seoul in size, Busan’s 3.6 million inhabitants enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, but with their city providing as much spectacle as its big sister. Its hugely popular Gwangalli beach boasts the magnificent night-time spectacle of the country’s longest suspension bridge, lit up by 100,000 lights that constantly change colour.

The city also celebrates nature in all of its splendour. The hibiscus syriacus provides a splendid blaze of orange that has earned the shrub the honour of being designated Korea’s national flower, while brightly coloured camellia and lemon bells add to a stunning landscape. The Busan Aquarium is also a spectacular recreation of the Pacific Ocean’s kaleidoscopic underwater seascape, now a major drawing card for tourists.

To show a loved one how much they mean to you, a bouquet of freshly picked and carefully selected flowers will prove to be the finest gift. Flower delivery to Busan has a new meaning for both the sender and receiver.

Celebrate the Seasons and Send Flowers to Busan with Flower Delivery to South Korea

Busan is a bustling in South Korea. It is surrounded by nature and known for its beaches and hot springs. It is densely populated as it is the second-largest city in the country. Natural beauty is considered sacred here, so giving flowers as a gift is entirely appropriate. When you send flowers to Busan, there are a few particular blooms you may want to consider using.

In this article, we cover:

* National Flower of South Korea
* Cut Flowers and Their Meanings

National Flower of South Korea

The Korean rose, also known as the rose of Sharon, is the national flower of South Korea. It is a type of hibiscus flower that grows in cooler climates. For your flower delivery to South Korea, consider using it in your arrangement. Versions of hibiscus flowers come in several bright colors, so you can likely find one that works well in your arrangement. Not only is this a stunning flower, but it is cherished by many.  

Cut Flowers and Their Meanings

In South Korea, many flowers carry specific meanings. Here are some flowers and their meanings.

Daisies for usually only reserved for family members. They are given for multiple occasions but should not be given between acquaintances or friends.

Tulips are given during special occasions or for special people. Tulips are a rare find in South Korea as they do not grow there naturally. It is for this reason they are not given freely and are saved to mark a milestone in ones' life.

Lilies are given to celebrate a new marriage. They are also offered at funerals to honor a person's life. Lilies are saved for these occasions because they represent purity.

Final Thoughts

The gift of flowers is a well-received gesture in Busan. Choosing the perfect bouquet is easy with a bit of research and the help of a great florist.


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