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Flower Delivery to Aveiro

Aveiro is a city to the west of Portugal. It is a small city with approximately 80.000 inhabitants. It is located on the Atlantic Coast and has an important harbour.

Due to the city watersystem, Aveiro is also known as the Portuguese Venice. Tourists enjoy rides on the typical boats to tour the Canals.

Still, Aveiro has more tourist attractions. It has precious beaches at the Peninsula de São Jacinto, such as Costa Nova do Prado and the lighthouse, which are worth a visit.

There is plenty of possibility to go shopping. Find the perfect gifts at one of the several shopping centres, while trying the traditional sweets, called Ovos Moles de Aveiro.

If you want to surprise your friends in Aveiro, consider flower delivery service. Flowers may be just the perfect gift for any occasion.

Salt and seaweed are extracted locally and considered eco friendly production. The ria of Aveiro is considered to be one of the most beautiful of Portugal and is where the salt extraction and seaweed production take place. You can enojy a lovely day on the Moliceiro, rented to go on the ria.

Send Flowers to Aveiro with Flower Delivery to Portugal: Unleash Happiness

Located in the west of Portugal, Aveiro is a famous port city known for all of its fantastic history. Given Aveiro's location, many compare it to Venice because of the touristy water canals. Aveiro is vibrant and full of life. Therefore, it only makes sense that bright colored flowers are a popular centerpiece in many homes and restaurants throughout the city.

To help with your next flower delivery, you can learn about:

* The official flower of Portugal
* Popular flowers in Portugal

Official Flower of Portugal

The purple, earthy lavender is the national flower of Portugal. Lavender is a flower that is a common remedy for reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting sleep. Given its purple color, lavender is often associated with royalty and elegance. This majestic flower blooms between May and August making it the perfect plant to gift to someone in need of a pick me up.

Popular Flowers in Portugal

If you want to send some pick-me-up flowers to Aveiro, Portugal, consider sending lilies, gerberas, sunflowers, or carnations. Why these flowers you may ask? These simple yet impactful flowers come in an array of bright colors, from yellow to red and orange and pink. You can also mix and match the type of flowers as they are relatively similar.

When sending flowers, you can choose to send them either in a vase or pot. Depending on the type of flower you choose, is going to affect which object the flowers should be sent in.

Sunflowers, orchids, and callas are a few flowers that are great either floral gifts that can be given either in a pot or in a vase. With potted flowers, they typically also last longer than vase bouquets because they are planted in soil, not just floating in water.

Final Thoughts

Do you have someone in Aveiro you want to surprise? You may consider sending them a bouquet to celebrate a special occasion or maybe to just say hello! Flowers are a great gift when you don't live close to a loved one. With FloraQueen's trusted florists in Aveiro, they can ensure the highest quality of freshness with your flower delivery. They can also design any arrangement to suit your needs and budget. Then you can have it delivered either that day or you may choose next-day delivery.


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