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The 14th-century town hall of Gdansk is home to an impressive museum that depicts the fascinating narrative of a city that has played a crucial role in history. The serene beauty of this city that lies on the shores of the Baltic Sea belies the turbulence and destruction of its past. Having ushered in World War II, it was also the birthplace of the Solidarnosc movement that effectively ended communism in Eastern Europe. The night-time lights emanating from the magnificently reconstructed old town of Gdansk that reflect off of the waters are enough to take the breath away.

Gdansk has a rich and enthralling maritime history with modern boat cruises providing tourists with ample access to the facts by making numerous dockside stops at sites of interest. The city’s historic thoroughfares and narrow cobbled streets hold churches and other structures of historic significance. It also provides more than enough cafés and fine restaurants at which to catch one’s breath and enjoy mouth-watering local cuisine. Meat plays a vital role in Polish dishes and meals are hearty, tasty and sustaining.

With a flower delivery to Gdansk, you will be sending the perfect gift to add to this region’s sense of romance.

For Friends and Family Send Flowers to Gdansk with Flower Delivery to Poland

Do you need to send flowers to Gdansk? Choosing the perfect bouquet is as easy going online and clicking on your favorite bouquet. An experienced florist can offer many different options to choose from. However, there are some specific flowers you may want to include in your arrangement.

In this article, we cover:

* National Flower of Poland
* Native Flowers of Poland

National Flower of Poland

The native flower of Poland is the red corn poppy. Some say this is because of the significance Poland played in the Second World War. When you send flowers to Gdansk, your recipient may like to see the poppy included in their bouquet.

Native Flowers of Poland

Besides the poppy, there are several other flowers that are native to Poland. They can be found throughout the country and in the Gdansk area. Often these plants are found in gardens but some varieties can actually be found growing wild.

The siberian iris is one of the most well known garden plants from Poland. This flower is so popular it can even be seen in gardens throughout North America. Siberian irises have distinct blue lobed flowers with white stripes at the base. They grow in clumps and can easily be divided and replanted as they outgrow their spot in the garden.

Globe flower is another popular plant from Poland that can be found in North American gardens. The most common variety produced yellow flowers but there are other cultivars that produce other colors. As the name suggests, the flowers are globe, or ball, shaped. These make wonderful garden plants and are quite popular as cut flowers.

Final Thoughts

Your flower delivery to Poland can be made up of both native and traditional bouquet flowers. Poland is known for producing beautiful native flowers, so consider using them in your next floral delivery.


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