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From the ultra-modern design of the Astrup Fearnley Museum to the preserved ships, estimated to be approximately 1,100 years old, on display in the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo is a cosmopolitan city with a rich storied past. The city's interwoven connection with the sea is prominently evident in the busy harbor, the fleet of fishing boats and the rugged, natural beauty of the Oslo Fjord. The capital and largest city of Norway, Oslo is a North Sea jewel and a natural aesthetic masterpiece.

Oslo offers culinary delights, such as reindeer roast, or, perhaps more suitable to a seaside city, many fish dishes. Rakfisk is trout that is salted and left to ferment for two to three months and then eaten without further preparation. Slightly more sophisticated are all the performance arts that are held in the National Theatre, Oslo Opera House and in many smaller venues throughout the city. If flowers are needed as a gift for such an occasion, or for any other, FloraQueen is able to make flower delivery to Oslo in a timely manner using only the freshest flowers.

Flower Delivery in Oslo - The Cosmopolitan City

If you are looking to send flowers to your special ones in Oslo, this is a perfect moment for you to do that. Let's find out more about:

* Facts about Norway's capital
* Popular flowers in Norway

Facts About Norway's Capital

Oslo is the capital of Norway and a very cosmopolitan city where you can find a lot of museums such as Astrup Fearnley and the Viking Ship Museum. Having a strong connection with the Nordic sea, Oslo is one of the busiest ports in Norway, but also famous for its fish-based dishes. The city is a European gem renowned for its culture, cuisine, and its theaters. If you are a Viking fan and want to explore this world, Oslo is the perfect destination for you and your friends.

Popular Flowers in Norway

The iconic red rose is the number one on the list in Norway, which is the symbol of passion, warmth, and vitality. Many people in Norway love this beautiful flower. Among other popular flowers, we can find the white lily, the white rose, and carnations. FloraQueen can help you deliver these flowers in Oslo by ordering them during a quick visit on the website.

To sum up, this is your chance to surprise your loved ones with a unique bouquet and make them smile.


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