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Flower Delivery to Fes

The Moroccan city of Fes is the country's second-largest. It has been settled since the 8th century and was the capital until well into the 20th.

The most important of the city's sights is without doubt the Fes el Bali medina. It was named by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1981, and is as lively, bustling and full of sights and sounds and smells as one would imagine. The earthen walls are particularly impressive, as are the tiny, narrow streets, the stalls and tanneries. It really is the city's big must-see.

Another sight well worth a visit is the Bou Inania Madrasa. Renovated a number of times, it originally dates from the 14th century. Perhaps the most interesting point for the traveller is that it one of the very few religious buildings in the whole country that is open to non-Muslims. It is also the city's only madras with a minaret. But, as in any Muslim city, there is no shortage of minarets, the calls to prayers making a perfect backdrop.

And it's so easy to stay in touch with your friends and family there through FloraQueen, make the gift of a flower delivery to Fes next time you want to celebrate a special day.

Send Fresh and Lovely Flowers to Fes

Morocco is a beautiful country to visit, rich in history, culture, art, and landscapes. Your loved ones residing in Fes well deserve to receive your sweet thoughts in the form of floral arrangements carefully arranged to suit their tastes. It is a sign of unparalleled love and affection that your loved ones are sure to appreciate.

Fes is the second biggest city in Morocco and is considered by most tourists as the Athens of Africa. Fez's old town or the "medina" has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For flower delivery in Morocco, choose the best floral compositions among FloraQueen selection presented by our local florists. Your wreath can be delivered on the same day by our professional close to the place of delivery with natural and freshly selected flowers.

In this article, we cover the following:

* The National Flower of Morocco
* Flower Delivery to Fes

The National Flower of Morocco

Morocco does not have an official flower. However, it doesn't mean that the country needs a wide variety of beautiful flowers.

The Moroccans enjoy roses that they have an annual flower festival.

The Moussem des Roses takes place in the town of Kelaat M'Gouna to welcome the harvest of their cherished Damask roses. You can discover a variety of multiple species of orchids thriving in Morocco. Flowers are often common gifts in Morocco and are also accepted for funerals. The elegant white prayer lily or a wreath of white roses is usually used to show compassion and express a dear one's death.

Flower Delivery to Fes

Since 2004, FloraQueen has been the leader of international flower delivery to over 100 countries worldwide. We manage to maintain a high-quality service and deliver fresh flowers to meet your needs and fulfill your requirements. The flower you choose must be able to convey the message you want. If you choose to express an "I love you," there's nothing better than a bouquet of red roses. If you're going to please your mother, a bouquet of white lilies would be entirely appropriate.


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