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Having been rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1908, the port city of Reggio Calabria today is central to the smooth operation of the busy ferry crossings to Sicily. The service brings many tourists to the city with one of the main attractions being the ancient bronze warrior statues discovered in the sea near a small village 80 kilometres away. They are presumed to be relics from a time when Reggio Calabria was under Greek control. Unlike Rome, few historical structures remain to entice tourists, but more modern attractions like the Villa Comunale public gardens and the National Museum draw many visitors to the city.

The city also prides itself on the magnificent seafront promenade that provides a breathtaking view across the waters to Sicily. Fortunate visitors may also experience the Fata Morgana, a mirage that can sometimes be seen hovering above the sea at Reggio Calabria. Travel to surrounding regions such as the Aeolian Islands is easy due to the city’s superb transport system.

If the gardens at Villa Comunale are anything to go by, then a flower delivery to Reggio Calabria will be a spectacular display of the region’s blooms, making this a gift that is sure to brighten up the home of those you love.


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