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Flower Delivery to Wexford

Like so many Irish towns, Wexford, on the south-eastern corner of the island, dates from Viking times and, down the centuries, has played an important part in the country's history.

This history is best experienced by wandering around the town, visiting such places as the ruins of 12th century Selksar Abbey and the sites of the 1798 rebellion against the British, remembered ever since in word and song.

One of the top attractions in Ireland, nearby Hook Lighthouse, is perched on a peninsula and is a great place to relax and watch the sea crashing onto the rocks below. You may even be lucky and see a dolphin or whale.

Modern Wexford is a vibrant town, its narrow streets full of small shops, where the visitor can buy local crafts to take back home with them, and numerous typical Irish pubs with live traditional music most nights as well as great restaurants where freshly-caught fish and succulent meat always have pride of place on the menu.

As everyone knows, 'a hundred thousand welcomes' is the country's unofficial motto, and the best way to thank the friends you'll surely make for their hospitality is the gift of a flower delivery to Wexford.

Spread Some Irish Luck When You Send Flowers to Wexford with Flower Delivery to Ireland

Ireland is an island off the North Atlantic. It is surrounded by the North Chanel, Irish Sea, and St George’s Channel. It is the second-largest island of the British Isles and third-largest island in Europe. Every year for St. Patrick’s Day, the country and many of the cities are painted green as both locals and tourists celebrate this Irish tradition.

If you are thinking about sending flowers, consider the following:

* The official flower of Ireland

* Flowers of the emerald isles

Official Flower of Ireland

There are a few things that are commonly associated with Ireland, one is the shamrock. Though the shamrock is not considered a flower but a plant, it is the official plant of this amazing country. On the other hand, unofficially, the residents of Ireland call the hummingbird fuchsia their national flower. This uniquely colored and shaped flower symbolizes love and romance, which is why it is an excellent addition to any floral bouquet given to a close person in our lives.

Flowers of the Emerald Isles

If you are a fan of strawberries, Wexford, Ireland is the place to be. Every year this township in Ireland not only grows strawberries but hosts an annual strawberry festival. Here tourists and locals can celebrate the crops and exchange various family recipes.

Aside from strawberries, other local blooms include the wild cherry, Easter lily, and amaryllis. These local flowers make great additions to potted bouquets, wreaths, and as decoration on tables and counters.

Final Thoughts

Flowers are a lovely gift for just about any occasion. When you add in local flowers, they can up the ante on any bouquet. One thing to keep in mind when sending flowers is to be sure you choose a reputable company for your delivery. An experienced florist can make sure your flower delivery to Ireland is done with ease. Say what you want with flowers from you by FloraQueen.


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