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Flower Deliver Overseas to Germany

Are you looking to surprise your family and friends in Germany with flowers? What better way to show you care than with flowers. With the help of FloraQueen, you can pick the type of flowers you want and have them delivered to that special somebody in Germany. Offering a wide array of quality flowers, FloraQueen makes it possible to ship to any city or town in Germany. Undecided about the process? Are you facing a time crunch? You don't have to worry as FloraQueen offers a fast and reliable delivery service.

In this article we are going to cover everything from -

  • How to get started sending flowers to Germany
  • What to know before sending flower to Germany
  • What delivery options are available
  • How international deliveries work
  • Why you should shop with FloraQueen…and much more!

What to Know Before Sending Flowers to Germany

Did you know that the national flower of Germany is the cornflower? This beautiful blue flower is a great choice when wanting to send positive thoughts and wish someone a simple hello. Not to mention, the receiving of the German national flower is often a sign of great patriotism in their country. Should you choose to send the cornflower, your receiver may be touched by the gesture in a way you may not realize.

On the other hand, while sending the cornflower would be positively received, one flower that is often frowned upon when sending floral arrangement are white flowers. Typically, when one is sending well-wishes, it is recommended that they pick any flower but white. In Germany and many countries, a white flower is typically associated with death; therefore, it is best to steer clear of white flowers, unless you are sending it for a funeral.

Preparing a Delivery to Germany

Sending flowers is straightforward with FloraQueen. With a user-friendly interface and an easy to navigate website, it is no wonder that FloraQueen has been delivering flowers around the world for the last decade.

When it comes to sending flowers to Germany, one simply has to do the following:

  • Select the arrangement of flowers you want;
  • Pick a date from the online delivery calendar;
  • Know the address of the recipient; and,
  • Complete the online form with payment and add any other additional items to the flowers.

It truly is a quick and simple process with FloraQueen.

Delivery in Germany

With a simple click here and there, flower delivery in Germany is easy breezy. Once you have selected the flowers you want to be delivered, let us know the date for the delivery, and we take care of the rest. Looking for same-day or next-day deliveries? Don't worry - we can handle those as well. To accommodate those last minute and same-day requests we ask senders to remember the following rules:

  • Same-day deliveries are available from Tuesdays to Fridays; however, orders must be placed before 13:00.
  • Same-day deliveries on Monday and Saturday's must be made before 10:00 – and on Sundays, FloraQueen does not do deliveries.

To have the freshest selection and to avoid any last-minute rushes, we encourage senders to place their orders a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Doing this can help us ensure your delivery date requests are met and that we have the best supply of flowers available.

Floral Recommendations for a Delivery to Germany

Not much of a green thumb? Do you lack insight into what flower to send to that special someone in Germany?

Here are some floral recommendations to help with your next international flower delivery to Germany.

  • Romantic Partner - It may seem cliché but the best flowers to send your romantic partner are a dozen roses, more specifically, red roses. These flowers are the universal symbol of love, and your partner is going to be pleased and surprised to receive them.
  • Mother - Whether you are looking to send flowers for Mother's Day or just as a small token of appreciation, lilies are the ideal choice to send to one's mother.
  • Friend - Have a friend in need of a cheer? Sunflowers are the perfect flower to send a friend. Bring a little happiness into their life with a lovely bouquet of sunflowers, or if you prefer something daintier, gladiolus is also a great floral choice to represent friendship.

Can I Order by Telephone or by Email?

To ensure your payment information is secure, we offer an online system that takes your orders. It is for this reason we are unable to accept orders via telephone or email. If you have questions about the forms, you can submit a question or contact us. Our representatives try to respond back in a timely manner.

Will My Order Look Exactly like the Picture?

Our pictures are meant to be as indicative of what the order is going to look like; however, if you are looking to have a vase of sorts, that is an additional charge. The adding of the vase is the second step of purchasing flowers. There are also other alternatives to a vase that is available for the sender to choose from when sending flowers.

Before your order is confirmed, you can add a special note or request, and we strive to ensure that those instructions are met. Whatever your floral needs and preferences, trust that FloraQueen has you covered.

Why Should I Pick FloraQueen for My Floral Delivery Needs in Germany?

FloraQueen has been a leader in international flower deliveries. We have been serving over 100 countries around the world, and customers know that when they send their loved one's flowers from FloraQueen, they are sending flowers that have been touched by a professional. Connected to an international network of florists, customers of FloraQueen can expect the highest quality of craftsmanship when it comes to organizing and preparing the floral arrangements.

Still undecided about using FloraQueen as your international flower provider? Thanks to our network of florists around the world, our prices are highly competitive with the market rate. When it comes to sending flowers internationally, for example, Germany, our customers can expect the quality not to be jeopardized by our great and genuinely unbeatable prices. With 10 years and counting of international flower deliveries, trust an expert, trust FloraQueen.


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