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Flower Delivery to Georgia

Georgia’s recent history makes it one of those countries that many find hard to place on the map. This is unfortunate as it has been inhabited since Palaeolithic times.

Located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, it offers unique cuisine and a stunning range of landscapes, from the heights of the Caucasus Mountains to the Black Sea coastline.

Tbilisi, the capital, is an intriguing mixture of architectural styles, from local to Byzantine and Middle Eastern. Perhaps its most important site is the ancient fortress of Narikala, dating from the 7th century and overlooking the city.

Outside the capital, the wine-growing area of Kakheti is well worth a visit as are the country’s many castles, particularly those in the Svaneti region.

Georgian cuisine is rich and varied, the result of its history and location. Most notable is the traditional Supra, a formal banquet with toasts and speeches, all under the controlling eye of the toastmaster, or tamada.

The Black Sea is rapidly developing high-quality tourist infrastructures, and the coastal city of Batumi is a particular favourite, with great beaches, spas and hotels.

If you have friends or family here, FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service is the simplest way to send flowers to Georgia, they're always fresh, always on-time and a great way to mark those special days.

Send Lovely and Elegant Flowers to Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country with an area of 69,700 km2 and a population of 4.5 million. It is located in the southern Caucasus region, on the Black Sea coast. The country is known for its gold, wine, and tea.  You can get beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for your family or friends in Georgia. At FloraQueen, you can go online flower shopping for every occasion, including funerals, birthdays, and weddings. We have a new catalog of fresh flowers, including roses, and plants of the highest quality.  

Flower Delivery to Georgia

At FloraQueen, we are happy to bring you the best flowers with a unique touch to any traditional wreath of roses. During our flower delivery, we create the bouquet with a special gift covered in refined foliage and adapt to the season. If you are in Georgia, make sure to entertain yourself with excellent floral compositions or gift boxes. With FloraQueen international flower delivery service, you can amaze your special person with a variety of lilies and orchids.


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