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Lille is the fourth largest urban centre in France after Paris, Lyon and Marseilles. The city itself lies within the northern part of the country and quite close to the border with Belgium. While Lille was first noted in 1066, recent discoveries date the city as far back as four thousand years. Thankfully, Lille was relatively saved from destruction during World War Two and much of the nineteenth century architecture still remains intact. Examples of such sights include the Grand Palace, the Citadel of Lille and the Nicolas Boulet Botanical Gardens.

Due to the size of the city, Lille has always been an important centre of trade and commerce. The retail and financial sectors have come to play a greater economic role in recent years. Still, traditional industries such as textiles, foodstuffs and the mechanical trades are quite important at contributing revenue. With an increase in tourism and the addition of modern transport systems such as the Channel Tunnel (linking Paris to Lille and England), many first-time visitors can now enjoy the sights and sounds that this city will provide.

In the 21st century, flower delivery to Lille is a popular gift idea for anyone within this city. Streamlined transportation and numerous arrangements make such services an extremely attractive option.


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