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The port city of Bordeaux provides the best of what France has to offer: Good food and, of course, world-renowned wine. It is also rich in historical value. Visitors can spend an entire day strolling through the city centre and discovering architectural influences left by the Romans and the English who once ruled here. This richness has resulted in almost half of the city being declared a World Heritage Site. Walking or cycling are the preferred methods of getting around, as traffic in the narrow streets can become daunting and parking is expensive. A walk along the banks of the Garonne River brings its own spectacle.

The architectural grandeur of the Place de la Bourse reminds of Versailles and the reflection from the river when it is lit up at night is quite spectacular. It is a favourite spot for visitors and for the large student population who attend the University of Bordeaux. As in most of France, romance flourishes and the gift of a flower delivery to Bordeaux will cause more than a few longing sighs and smiles. A little of that Bordeaux magic coupled with magnificent flowers will prove a winning combination every time.

A flower delivery to Bordeaux will bring happiness to any friend, family member or business associate, for such a gift shows love, admiration or appreciation.


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