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Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus is one of Scandinavia's oldest cities. Chosen for settlement because of its strategic port location and easy access to the sea, the city was originally named Aros when founded by the Vikings around 770 AD. Aarhus continues to be a busy international port for container traffic and cruise ships. Despite its historic roots, today's Aarhus, a university town, is Denmark's most youthful city based on the average age of its residents. As an unmistakeable and futuristic-looking aspect of the city's landscape, wind turbine farms on land and water generate power and make the city a world leader in sustainable energy. From the quaint cobblestone streets and 14th century architecture of the historic quarters to the ultra-modern waterfront Iceberg housing and the ARoS Museum of Modern Art, Aarhus is a forward-looking mix of past and present.

Show your family and friends that you're thinking of them and holding them close to your heart by sending the bright and beautiful gift of flowers. We look after all the details – we are committed to selecting the finest flowers, creating amazing arrangements and bouquets, and carefully delivering in a timely manner to ensure that the recipient is absolutely delighted. Flower delivery to Aarhus has never been easier.

Send Extraordinary Flowers to Aarhus

Arhus, Denmark's second-largest city, also spelled as Aarhus, had its origins as a Viking settlement during the eighth century. Aarhus is famous for Jazz music. It gained popularity in the 1950s, and as the years continued, the reputation of rock and roll and other genres started to grow. Aarhus International Jazz Festival is a must-see event held every year in July.

Though known predominantly for its jazz, Aarhus also has an impressive amount of green oases, including a stunning botanical garden. Marselisborg Memorial Park is worth a visit. It has beautiful landscapes full of roses, cherry blossom plants, and dahlias.

At FloraQueen, we can deliver lovely wreaths to your beloved ones directly to most addresses in Aarhus.

In this article, we cover the following:

* The National Flower of Denmark
* Flower Delivery to Aarhus

The National Flower of Denmark

With the red clover as its emblem, Denmark displays its ambitions to develop high environmental quality. Danish florists express a love of nature in their floral creations. The daisy is the official flower of Denmark, recalling the name of Queen Margrethe II, although the forget-me-not is also considered one of the country's emblems.

The city of Odense is also home to an annual 4-day flower festival in August. More than 200 000 flowers decorate the colorful city center. The tourists can discover brilliant yellow daisies, unusual Danish orchids, and gorgeous red hellebores. In Denmark, flowers are always seen as a mark of affection for all occasions.

Flower Delivery to Aarhus

FloraQueen and its network of florists help you deliver beautiful flowers to Denmark. Luckily for you, no need to travel. Everything is done remotely thanks to the local florists who can make the bouquet of your choice. They can deliver it as soon as possible to Aarhus. Our Danish florists are happy to compose your floral arrangement. They are available from Monday to Saturday.


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