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As the once proud domain of the Vikings, the city of Aalborg seems a fitting place to breed the rare Siberian tiger. Although not as densely populated as Copenhagen, Aalborg is a university city that counts 17,000 students among its more than 130,000 inhabitants. This ensures a vibrant nightlife for a city that is determined to become a major tourist destination. The gift of a flower delivery to Aalborg will be met with much admiration for Aalborg’s indigenous blooms.

The city of Aalborg has devoted 16-acres of prime parkland to the Ǿstre Anlaeg Park, which displays a stunning array of flowers, trees, indigenous vegetation and a very pretty lake. It has created a haven for 51 species of birds and an amazing recreational spot for family relaxation. It is only one of many parks. Aalborg’s architecture inspires its fair share of admiration with examples of the 17th-century renaissance style well represented by Jørgen Olufsen’s home when he was mayor of the city. Aalborghus Castle predates this home to the mid 16th-century, while the city hall was built in 1762. The diverse architectural styles blend harmoniously to create the city’s unique air.

Sending a flower delivery to Aalborg as a gift to someone you love is a great way of letting them know you are thinking of them.

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Aalborg is a cosmopolitan Danish city located in the North Jutland region, south of Limfjorden, Denmark's longest fjord. This university town is also famous for its carnival, the largest in Scandinavia. Aalborg has become a cultural place with a spectacular waterfront and iconic architectural buildings. The New York Times ranked Aalborg among the top five places to visit in 2019. Aalborg motto is "Friendship without Borders."

With FloraQueen local florists, you can conveniently deliver flowers to Aalborg. Our network provides you with a secure and trustworthy flower service. We are happy to receive good testimonials from our clients. Your order is important for us, and it should be supervised with great professional attention and care. Our top priority is to offer you the best customer service.

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* The Official Flower of Denmark
* Send Bright Floral Compositions to Aalborg

The Official Flower of Denmark

While the Danish Government may have designated the beautiful yellow Marguerite daisy as its floral emblem, the red clover and sweet fragrant forget-me-nots are still used as traditional flower symbols. Every year, the smaller town of Odense hosts the largest flower festival in the country. The Odense flower ceremony lasts four days in August, where the Flakhave (center square) is packed with more than 200,000 flowers.

Among the vibrant flower stalls, tourists can notice yellow daisies and the unusual Danish daffodils. Other flowers widely planted across the countryside include yellow azaleas and delicate tassel bulbs. Usually, Danish citizens offer beautiful floral creations for every festival, and some of the famous decorative arrangements include vivid, joyful sunflowers and lilies. Roses are often a common choice and delivered as a symbol of appreciation.

Send Bright Floral Compositions to Aalborg

FloraQueen has a long history in international flower distribution. We collaborate with the best florists in more than 100 countries around the world. The FloraQueen network is committed to sending bouquets to your family members in Aalborg.

Our talented florists can produce and bring lovely wreaths to Aalborg. Also, FloraQueen wildflower decorations are made by professional florist artists to guarantee good quality and freshness.


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