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Flower Delivery to Nicosia

Nicosia is both the most populated city and the capital of Cyprus and has played a part in the island’s history since ancient times. These days it is the business heart of the country as well as being a popular tourist destination. The city boasts plenty of beautiful attractions, with the Municipal Gardens being a relaxing and beautiful place to get some shade from the heat of the day. The plants, wildlife and floral scents make this a haven from the bustle of the surrounding streets.

The city hosts some colourful events during the year, with the Aglandjia Festival during the summer and Rainbow Festival towards the end of the year being a couple of the biggest. Cyprus is also famous for the Anthestiria Flower Festival, which celebrates the coming of spring each year and dates back to ancient times in Greece. Residents in towns and cities around the island, including Nicosia, mark this event by carrying fresh flowers and organizing parades.

For a flower delivery to Nicosia, choose the right gift for the right person, letting the recipient know that someone is thinking about them.

Flower Delivery to Nicosia - The Business Heart of The Country

If your loved ones live in Nicosia and you are far away from them, you can surprise them with a fresh and special bouquet. Let's find out more:

* Facts about the Cyprus capital
* Beautiful flowers to send in Nicosia

Facts About the Cyprus Capital

Nicosia is the most populated city and the capital of Cyprus, where it is always sunny. The city is the country's business heart; a lot of people decided to make a business in the capital. The city is abundant in tourist attractions; one of those is the Municipal Gardens, a place where you can rest and hide from the sun.

A lot of festivals are being held in Nicosia during the summertime, such as the Aglandjia Festival and Rainbow Festival at the end of the year. Anthestiria Flower festival is famous in Cyprus, where the people are marching holding flowers.

Beautiful Flowers to Send in Nicosia

The most desired flowers in Nicosia are roses, callas, and chrysanthemums, and other unique combinations. Nicosia can inspire people to offer flowers daily or for a special occasion because the people from Nicosia are flower lovers. They even have a festival in autumn for blooms, where they march in Greek costumes holding flowers.

All in all, showing your appreciation for your loved one has never been easier for you with a unique bouquet.


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