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Limmasol is a city that can trace its roots back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Having been established as an important port location and one of the largest trading cities within the Mediterranean region, Limmasol has also had the benefit of absorbing the rich histories of many cultures. This is one of the primary reasons why countless visitors choose to flock to this balmy city each and every year. Indeed, Limmasol has maintained its importance to maritime trade even to the present day. It is quite an affluent region and is the second-largest urban centre in all of Cyprus. The people here are also quite proud of their history and such sights as a Byzantine castle, an archaeological museum and massive public gardens continue to provide an aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched. Enjoying a temperate climate and offering up a stunning coastline that embraces the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Limmasol is indeed a modern marvel set upon ancient foundations.

FloraQueen is quite pleased to be able to offer flower delivery to Limmasol that is dependable and that will provide some of the most unique arrangements imaginable. These living tributes are the perfect gift for anyone residing in such an amazing location.

Send Fine and Beautiful Flowers to Limassol

Limassol is one of Cyprus' main tourist centers. It has a wide variety of cultural rituals and traditions. Limassol is also an important economic center and has one of Europe's busiest ports. In the cultural sector, many festivals take place each year, such as the Cyprus Wine Festival in September.  Limassol also hosts a three day Beer Festival, with dances and celebrations by the sea. If you plan to visit a friend this year, you might consider sending a popular flower to brighten up his day and make the journey extraordinary.

Flower Delivery to Limassol

Some of the most popular flowers in Limassol’s parks are Chinese hibiscus, Cyprus cyclamen, lavender, geraniums, and capuchin. Our professional florists in Limassol can design a flower arrangement with this dazzling and colorful assortment of flowers and deliver it for you directly to Limassol or to many places in Cyprus. Also, FloraQueen flower delivery provides you a multitude of choices for every special occasion.


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