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Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a population approaching four hundred thousand inhabitants, the history of this centre can be followed back to prehistoric times. However, it was not until the 16th century that Sarajevo was truly transformed into a city; first utilized as a stronghold for the Ottoman Turks. It is located within a region of popular trade routes. Sarajevo has been known throughout history as a city with an incredible amount of religious diversity. Even today it is known as a home for followers of Orthodoxy, Judaism, Catholicism and Islam.

Sarajevo is also one of the strongest centres for manufacturing, administrative services and tourism. Since the rehabilitation projects of the 1990s, several locations including the Bascarsija ski slopes, Vrelo Bosne Park and the Sarajevo Cathedral attract countless visitors each year. Thanks to an influx of financial institutions, this city is also becoming quite important in regards to the economy of the entire Balkan region. This growth should continue into the foreseeable future.

As a growing number of foreign nationals are choosing to call this city home, flower delivery to Sarajevo is proving to be a popular service. Thanks to modern transportation and delivery services, such a gift will be a wonderful addition to anyone's day.

Celebrate Eastern Europe When You Send Flowers to Sarajevo with Flower Delivery to Bosnia Herzegovina

Are you looking to send flowers to Sarajevo? With the help of an international florist, your order can be placed quite easily. All you need to do is select the perfect arrangement. With a bit of guidance, you can send friends and family in Sarajevo a bouquet to express your feelings.

In this article, we cover:

* Official Flower of Bosnia-Herzegovina
* Popular Cut Flowers in Sarajevo

Official Flower of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The golden lily is the national flower of Bosnia-Herzegovina. It does not look like the typical lily flower. Instead, the petals roll backward toward the stem. However, like other lilies, the stamen is an interesting focal point of the flower. The golden lily is not a common cut flower. However, you can substitute different types of lilies in your bouquet for your flower delivery to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Popular Cut Flowers in Sarajevo

Hydrangeas are a special cut flower. They tend to be quite expensive, so they are not used in just any bouquet. Hydrangeas are one flower that has massive blooms, so you don’t need very many to make up a lovely arrangement. Hydrangeas come in pink, white, purple, and blue. Interestingly though, white hydrangeas can be painted into any color, including silver and gold.

Veronicas are also popular in Sarajevo. Veronicas are tall, skinny flowers that bloom in a pyramidal shape. They are not the focal point in a bouquet, but they are often used to enhance the beauty of a bouquet. Veronicas are often purple or blue in color, so they look lovely in a bouquet that matches that color palette.

Final Thoughts

Many florists in Bosnia-Herzegovina can complete your flower delivery to Sarajevo. On a time crunch? Don't worry, florists in Bosnia-Herzegovina can help send your floral bouquet. If you want to add a special touch, consider adding a box of chocolate or stuffed animal.


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