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Azerbaijan is the largest country in the Caucasus region and is thought by many to lie at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Having been established as far back as the 4th century BC, Azerbaijan boasts a unique history and culture. Indeed, cities such as Baku still display the architectural influences of Persian, Turkish and (later) Russian rule. In modern times, testimony to these eclectic roots can be seen in landmarks such as the Maiden Tower that dates back to the 11th century.

Like many other countries within the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is rich in oil and natural gas. Hence, a considerable slice of its economy relies upon the energy sector. Due to the country's sheer size, agriculture is another major industry. For the last two decades, tourism has also been on the rise; cities such as Qaraçuxur and Salyan are becoming some of the most frequented destinations. In fact, the government of Azerbaijan has recently prioritised this sector as one of the country's most important industries. Thanks to modern transportation infrastructure, tourism is expected to increase steadily.

It has never been easier to send flowers to Azerbaijan. Thanks to a reliable international flower delivery service and a whole host of arrangements, such a gift proves to be as breathtaking as the country itself.

Send Lovely Flowers to Your Loved Ones in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region and lies on the dividing line between Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan's entire history is marked by oil; the country was one of the first to experience a black gold rush. Azerbaijan owes its wealth to oil. Today, FloraQueen has selected the most beautiful flowers of the season to offer you lovely wreaths and breathtaking flowers to impress your loved ones in Azerbaijan.

Flower Delivery to Azerbaijan

FloraQueen offers you a variety of flowers with different colors and sizes on all occasions and according to your desires. Monochrome or multicolored bouquets, we have all that you need.  Discover our best selling flowers and share happy moments. Don't hesitate to please those around you with beautiful wreaths by our florists in Azerbaijan.

Birth Month Flowers

Carnations symbolize January. They represent pride, beauty, admiration, and gratitude. Send FloraQueen's best-seller wreath "Subtle Freshness" bouquet to a loved one with a January birthday. It is a richly colored and fragrant floral jewel. A flower delivery like this is sure to bring a smile to a loved ones face.

The iris represents February. Long associated with the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Not surprisingly, the three upright petals of the iris symbolize faith, worth, and wisdom. They also express precious friendship, hope, compliments, and passion. This February birth flower is available in blue, purple, yellow, and white.  

The daffodils refer to March. They are associated with the tenth wedding anniversary.


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