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Salzburg is a beautiful Austrian city, full of cultural and historical delights. Translated into English, the name 'Salzburg' literally means 'Salt fortress', and the city is the capital of the federal state of Salzburg. The 'Altstadt', or old town, is renowned for its well-preserved Baroque architecture, and is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site, though the history of the city goes back to around the 5h century BC when the Celts created a settlement on the site. Salzburg also boasts an impressive collection of Gothic, Classical Modernist and Post-War Modernist buildings too, making for impressive sights wherever you find yourself in the city. Tourists abound in the city, and some estimates have found that tourists actually outnumber the total population of the city at peak times. It's such a popular destination due to the astounding variety of sites of historical significance. Take the Salzburg cathedral, for example. Founded in roughly 700 AD, it was personally commissioned by St. Rupert himself, the saint credited with restoring the city after it fell to ruin. The film 'The Sound of Music' was also shot in some areas of Salzburg, and it is possible to go on tours to see the locations in the film.

If you have friends or relatives in this city, sending a flower delivery to Salzburg as a gift, such as a dazzling bouquet of flowers, is a great way to brighten their day.

Send Beautiful Flowers to Salzburg: Discover Your Options

Salzburg is Mozart's city. It is one of the most famous cultural metropolises in the world. The fairytale baroque town with its fortress, cathedral, and castle offers a sumptuous decoration, which also serves as a setting for prestigious cultural events.

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