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Linz is the third-largest city in Austria and is currently populated by nearly three hundred thousand people. The city was initially founded by the Romans at the end of the eight century and is perhaps most famous as being home to the scientist Johannes Kepler (one of the fathers of astronomy). Presently, Linz has seen a cultural resurgence after World War Two and attracts numerous tourists from Europe and around the world each year. Some of the most famous landmarks include St. Mary's Cathedral, a concert hall named Brucknerhaus and a large main street that leads to several picturesque plazas known as Blumauerplatz and Taubermarkt. Linz is additionally home to some of the most traditional Austrian architecture in the entire country.

Due to the size and history of this city, it should be no surprise that Linz is also one of the major economic centres in Austria. In particular, it is home to a number of steel refineries and chemical plants. In recent years, outside investments have allowed this city to witness an expansion in its population.

Choosing flower delivery to Linz is an excellent option for anyone who has a friend or relative that may currently reside in this city. Bespoke bouquets and colourful arrangements make the perfect gift for any occasion.


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