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Yerevan is considered to be one of the oldest inhabited cities on the face of the earth. With a history stretching back for more than ten thousand years, this urban centre has begun to experience a progressive boom of modernisation since the beginning of the 21st century. While ancient monuments still exist, a skyline that reflects commercialisation and progress is indeed visible. In fact, Yerevan comprises more than one third of the total population of Armenia.

Besides having become a home to dozens of museums, Yerevan is also widely known as offering a variety of cinemas, theatres and concert venues. Thus, many feel that this location is one of the most culturally diverse in the Balkans. As tourism continues to burgeon and sites such as the Armenia Marriott Hotel gain wider recognition, we should expect that Yerevan will likely enjoy an even larger economic and social boom in the years to come.

Do you wish to surprise a colleague on holiday here? Perhaps a loved one or family member has recently relocated. Regardless of the reason, flower delivery to Yerevan is fast and reliable. These bespoke gift arrangements are an ideal solution that will bring a bit of colour into anyone's life.

Surprise Family as You Send Flowers to Yerevan with Flower Delivery to Armenia

Do you need to send flowers to Yerevan? Lucky for you, it can be quite easy. There is a selection of florists in the area that allow you to place your order online. It is essential when ordering in Yerevan to order from a well-experienced company to ensure that the arrangement is delivered on time and made with the freshest blooms.

To help with your flower selection, we discuss:

* The official flower of Armenia
* Native cut flowers in Yerevan

Official Flower of Armenia

It is somewhat of a debate about what the national flower of Armenia is. If you ask the residents of the country, they claim it is the red poppy. Others would argue that it is the llilium armenum.

When sending flowers, why not surprise friends and family in the country by incorporating one or both of the national flowers in a bouquet? It is an excellent way to personalize the bouquet and give it a touch of national pride.

Native Cut Flowers in Yerevan

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, and it is also the largest city in the country. Yerevan also holds the title of being the oldest inhabited city in the world.

If you are looking to send fresh cut flowers, consider the lily, as it is a trendy choice for cut flowers in Yerevan. Lilies come in so many shapes and colors and can be used for most occasions. For example, yellow star-shaped lilies are wonderful when used in bouquets to congratulate the birth of a child. In contrast, red callas are lovely for romance bouquets. No matter which type you chose, your recipient in Yerevan can appreciate the use of the lily flower.

Gladiolus are quite stunning in bouquets and tend to be loved by residents of Yerevan. Gladiolus are tall stems that are lined with many blooms. Due to their bright and cheery nature, this type of flower works well in congratulatory bouquets. They also do well when you are looking to purchase a bouquet with serious visual impact.

Final Thoughts

Flower arrangements are a lovely way to send your friends and family a thoughtful gift. If you are sending flowers to someone in Yerevan, try choosing flowers that are native to Armenia.


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