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Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivered

There’s no gift more emotional or meaningful than Valentine’s Day flowers on February 14th. FloraQueen is here to help you send the perfect Valentine’s Day international delivery that will make your special someone’s heart race. We can share your bouquet in over 100 countries around the world, just in time to surprise your sweetheart with beautiful lovers day flowers. Let us show you how you can impress with the freshest Valentine’s Day blooms.

Our top picks for Valentine’s Flowers

Roses are the queens of Valentine’s flowers without question, with millions being sold in red, white and pink on the day of lovers each year. If you want something other than Valentine’s roses delivered, why not try one of our alternative suggestions:

How to order the perfect surprise for Valentine’s Day from FloraQueen

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bouquet to really set your beloved’s heart aflame, it only takes a couple of clicks to send it on its way.

  1. Tell us where you want to deliver - Remember we can deliver to over 100 countries worldwide!
  2. Let us know the date of delivery - We can schedule orders up to 3 months in advance
  3. Add a heartfelt note to your Valentine’s flower bouquet - Don’t worry it’s free
  4. Don’t forget, you can make your roses even more ravishing with one of our special add-ons and extras. Choose from select vases, cards, chocolates and teddies to make your surprise even more memorable.

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll take care of the rest.

How to make a last minute Valentine’s Day delivery

We can deliver in as little as 24 hours in many locations. However, as Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year for florists all over the world, we recommend reserving your order further in advance to avoid disappointment. If you are ordering flowers for February 14th we recommend the following:

  • Order early to ensure you reserve the freshest bouquets and beat the rush
  • We suggest sending your bouquet a day or two before the 14th so that it definitely arrives in time to your chosen address (this also has the added bonus of letting our extra fresh blooms blossom perfectly)
  • If you live close by your beloved, order the flowers to your home a couple of days before the special day and surprise with your roses or other flowers in person!
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