Make Your Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

It’s true that cut flowers don’t last forever. That doesn’t mean necessarily mean however that they can’t be enjoyed for a good amount of time. Our bouquets are guaranteed to last 7 days in the vase but many types of flower can last even longer with the right care. Follow our expert tips to keep your flowers their freshest and enjoy the magic of flowers in the home for longer.

1. Unwrap your flowers carefully

Most deliveries will come with a floral sleeve to protect the leaves and blooms of your bouquet as well as a little florist wire to keep the arrangement fixed together. First, remove the sleeve and any other packaging that’s come with the delivery.

A tip from our master florist: Don’t be afraid to make your arrangement less formal by removing the floral wire around the stems and rearranging them in the vase to your liking

2. Cut the ends off the stems

Only a little bit of preparation is necessary once your flowers have been opened, to ensure they last for the longest time possible. You should cut off the ends of the stems with some shears or a clean knife (not with scissors as these can crush the stems) so they’ll be able to absorb water faster and stay hydrated

A tip from our master florist:A tip from our master florist: Cut the stem at a 45º angle to get the best uptake of water.

3. Use clean fresh water and change it frequently

Flowers cannot flourish without water and of course the fresher the water the better. We also suggest making sure the vase is clean and to change the water every 2-3 days to prevent the spread of naturally occurring bacteria on the stems, which can shorten the life of your flowers in the vase. If the water looks cloudy, it needs a change.

A tip from our master florist:We usually recommend filling the vase about ¾ of the way up. That way all the stems of your bouquet can get access to the hydration they need.

Feed your flowers

Your flowers have completed a long journey and are going to want some nourishment once they are placed in a vase. Your delivery should be accompanied by a small packet of flower feed. You should add this to the water as soon as possible to stop your flowers from getting hungry.

An expert tip: If you don’t have any flower feed to hand add a little sugar to the water to give them a bit of extra energy. Be sure to add a little vinegar or dish soap or lemon juice to kill any bacteria that may also enjoy the sugar too

4. Keep your flowers somewhere they’ll flourish

Cut flowers don’t like direct sunlight as it makes them get hot, which can lead to wilting. Find a cool, light area away from draughts to keep your flowers happy and healthy. Finally, don’t forget to keep them somewhere they can easily brighten up a room with their natural colour.

An expert tip: Place your flowers in an area you will see them often to get the maximum enjoyment of them

To keep your roses looking amazing for even longer remove any leaves that will be submerged in the water. Remove any crinkled or bruised outer petals as they appear as well as the less attractive outer Guard Petals, which are left on for their delivery to protect the blooms. Don’t touch the inner petals as these are easily bruised. If your roses look a bit tired from their journey to your recipient a little extra hydration should revive them and have them looking beautiful in no time.

Many lily buds will arrive before they’ve fully opened to make sure they last longer and stay fresher in your home. However, once you’ve added water and the flower feed they should open up promptly. To hurry things along further, place them in a warm (but not hot!) area for a short while. It’s also a good idea to remove the stamens of your lilies as the pollen of these flowers can damage the petals as well as stain clothes and furniture. Removing the stamens can also make your lilies last longer as this slows the process of reproduction, which will cause the buds to die off.

These colourful daisies tend to drink water quite quickly. Make sure the level in the vase doesn’t drop too low and top it up where necessary. Gerberas will start to bend if the water isn’t fresh enough but this can be avoided if you change the water and recut the stems after a couple of days. Cut gerberas can last a long time (around 2 weeks) if taken care of properly

A little tepid water in the vase of your tulips can help them open up a little quicker. Tulips have a tendency to bend towards sunlight so it can help to rotate the vase once a day to prevent this from making them bend their stems too much.

  • If your flowers are closed or look a little tired when they arrive just give them a little time and nourishment. With flower feed and water and they’ll spring back to life very quickly.
  • Cut flowers don’t have roots, which usually filter away all the harmful bacteria that forms in water. This is why it’s important to keep your vase water fresh
  • Handle your flowers carefully when they arrive and when you change the water in the vase. Always hold them by the stems and never by their buds
  • Keep your bouquet away from fruit and vegetables in the room. They emit ethylene gas that cause your flowers to wilt.
  • Be careful if you have pets, as lilies and alstroemerias can be toxic to some animals. Keep them out of their reach and make sure to pick up any fallen leaves or petals.

Having fresh flowers in your home is a truly magical experience and a great one to share with the important people in your life. Choose from our selection of spectacular bouquets to send an emotional greeting to those you love.

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