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  • Identity of the business

    FloraQueen Flowering the World S.L. (FloraQueen) is an organisation registered in the Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, volume 36,886, page 206, sheet B 29047, with the direction of Calle Frederic Mompou, 3, 08960, Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) and tax identification code B-63609051. Info (AT)

  • Copyright information

    Copyright © 2002 FloraQueen. All rights reserved.

  • Trademarks

    The logo of FloraQueen and all of their slogans are trademarks of FloraQueen, and possess the same copyrights. Any reproduction or distribution of trademarks, copyrights, software or content of the website without specific written permission from FloraQueen is completely prohibited. All other products and names of businesses are trademarks or copyrights that belong to their respective owners.

  • Privacy policy

    When visiting the website of FloraQueen, the user can provide us with two types of information: personal data that they personally decide to provide and are collected individually, and information about the use of the website is received collectively when the user and other users visit different parts of the FloraQueen website.

    Like other commercial website, the website of FloraQueen uses logs of the web server to collect information about how the website is used. This information is collected via cookies and server logs that can include the time and date of the visits, the pages visited, the duration of time spent browsing the website and the websites visited before and after visiting FloraQueen. This information is collected in aggregate form. None of the data obtained from this collection of information is associated with an individual person. For more information, consult the general legal terms and conditions

  • User/customer access terms and conditions

    The user declares that they are of legal age and fulfill all legal requirements to agree to the terms and conditions of user registration. In cases where the user is below legal age, the permission of their parents or guardians is required in order to confirm registration. In this case, please contact The services offered on this website are regulated by the terms and conditions includes in this contract.
    The owner of the website reserves the right to change, partially or completely, these general terms and conditions, with the new terms and conditions taking effect from the moment in which they are published on the website. Any changes will be made clear on the website. In any case, the quotes changes will not affect any previous orders made by users. The user of the website will have the right to free access to any public information collected in this way. Public information contained on this website refer equally to the company and to the trademarks, products, logos, etc. of wholesale companies and producers of the products and services offered that are protected by the legal provisions about intellectual and industrial property, therefore the copying, loaning, transmission, use or alienation by the user or customer outside of the own publicity or advertising is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the maker of the product and the owner of the trademarks and logos, as in the terms provided in section XI about Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights.

  • User registration

    The user must register the following necessary personal information in order to complete the contract of buying and selling:
    Name and surname(s), identity number (where applicable), address, email address, telephone/fax number. It is the responsibility of the user to protect the user details and passwords that they supply as a registered customer, ensuring that they are not available to third parties.

  • Legislation

    The user accepts that the applicable legislation for the use and working of this service is Spanish legislation. Any differences of the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions will be heard by the judges and courts of Barcelona. In case of litigation with users living in a member states of the European Union that is not Spain, the parties agree to renounce their own corresponding jurisdiction, and agree that the litigation regarding these terms and conditions will be heard by the judges and courts of Barcelona.

  • External references

    All links to other web pages that appear on our website are offered informatively to the user. FloraQueen does not accept responsibility for the products, services or contents that these pages offer or supply that are offered in a different domain.

  • Rights of the company

    - To maintain, change or suspend the website without prior warning.

    - To change the price of any offers.

    - To reject orders due to stock shortages or a lack of payment from the client.

    - To reject access to informative tools for clients who do not comply with the terms and conditions.

    - Once the order is accepted, to receive the payment from the client.

    - To reserve the right of ownership of the entire property of the product until receiving full payment from the client.

    - In the case of a typography error in one of the prices shown and a client purchasing based on this price, the company will communicate this to the client and reserves the right to cancel the order at no cost to their part.

    - Products only include the elements specified in the descriptions. Other products, other than the main product, are not included unless clearly stated in the description. The photographs of products represent the average size.

    - The composition and form of some gifts may vary, for example gifts including bouquets. Please consult our substitution policy below.

  • Pricing policy

    FloraQueen reserves the complete right to change the price of any products or services offered on the website at any time. To guarantee certainty and security of the prices of products for clients, the price will be equal between the price offered on the website and the information provided at the moment in which the client completes their order. The prices offered on the website include taxes.

  • Methods of payment

    Debit or credit card

    The business accepts payments from VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club International and Maestro. When completing their order, the client will make the details of their card available, and these details will not be stored after completing the purchase.


    The company accepts payments with PayPal.

  • Problems with payment

    If, for any reason, the client provides incorrect information about their method of payment, the company will not process the order, and therefore will not be able to manage or send the order. FloraQueen can contact the client to try to resolve the situation, but it is not responsible to do so in any case where this occurs. FloraQueen reserves the right to cancel any order with payment errors, failure to pay, or fraud.

  • Delivery conditions

    Delivery charges

    The delivery charges are not included in the product price until added during the finalisation of the client’s order, when they will appear separately in the order summary. These charges vary depending on the destination and date of delivery, as well as the time between ordering and delivery.

    Delivery time

    The company cannot guarantee the time of deliver due to the fact that this depends on logistical partners, and, in some cases, local florists.

    If, after the delivery time indicated in the order confirmation has passed, the recipient of the order has still not received their gift, the client can contact FloraQueen via email at

    In the case that the recipient is not at the specified delivery address at the time of delivery, the courier will take the delivery to the nearest office of their business, where it should be collected by the recipient. This process can vary depending on the terms and conditions of the logistical partner.

    If the delivery is not collected, it will be returned to FloraQueen. Once received, FloraQueen will begin the process of refunding the payment to the client who purchased the product. This point does not apply to products that include fresh flowers, in this case, please see our delivery policy.

    A notification of delivery attempt should be left in the form of a card or note by the courier in any case in which the recipient is not at the specified delivery address at the time of delivery. This process can vary depending on the terms and conditions of the logistical partner.

    In any case in which there is not available stock of the product, it will not be sent, unless it is a floral product (please see the conditions for floral products here). The client will be informed in order to proceed with a change of product or refund at no cost to the business.

    The client is obliged to inform the business about any change to the delivery address or the recipient. This is to ensure that the delivery address is correct and complete. If the company realises that the information is not correct upon receipt of the order, FloraQueen will contact the client to confirm the information or request additional details. The client must be aware that they cannot change the delivery address once the gift has been passed on to the logistical partner. The date of sending varies depending upon the destination and the transport required.

    FloraQueen cannot be held responsible if the order cannot be delivered because the information provided by the client is incorrect, incomplete or is incorrectly formatted to the extent that it prevents delivery. FloraQueen reserves the right in this case to not complete the delivery at the cost of the client, who will lose their right to a refund.

    Conditional delivery locations

    Orders destined for hospitals, hotels, temporary residencies, businesses, universities or public buildings are not guaranteed, but in the majority of cases they will arrive as requested. If the order has one of these establishments as the destination, the client must provide their name and telephone number and as many details as possible.

    In the case of a delivery to a hospital, it is necessary to provide the wing and room number. FloraQueen will try to deliver the gift in accordance with the rules of the each facility, but FloraQueen cannot be held responsible if the organisation prevents delivery. The client must bear in mind that some hospitals do not allow deliveries to individual rooms and the majority do not allow deliveries to intensive care units. The client must consult the hospital before making their order.

    If the client wishes to send a gift to a person staying in a hotel, they must specify the room number in which the recipient will be stay if possible, and the name of the person who made the reservation. FloraQueen cannot provide any refund if unable to achieve delivery due to the client not fulfilling these requirements.

    Deliveries rejected by the recipient

    If the recipient rejects a delivery, the client will not have a right to any refund of their order.

    Changes to the order

    To make changes to their order, the client must contact our customer services department via their FloraQueen account. Changes cannot be made once the product has been passed on to the logistical partner. The date of sending varies depending on the destination and the transport required.


    The client can request the cancellation of their order with a minimum of five working days (from Monday to Friday) before the requested delivery date. In this case, they will have the right to a full refund provided that the order has not yet been delivered to the logistical partner. The date of sending varies depending on the destination and transport required.

    If the order is cancelled by the client less than five working days before the requested delivery date, or in the case that the product has already been passed on to the logistical partner, no refund will be given.

    Duplicate orders

    If, for whatever reason, the client has made two or more identical orders, they must notify FloraQueen, who will provide a full refund provided that they are notified in the moment of making the error and provided that the gift has not already left the warehouse or florist. The date of sending varies depending on the destination and transport required.

    Substitution policy in the case of floral products

    On some occasions, it is possible that a florist may not have one (or more) of the items in the description of the bouquet, or of the specified colour. Therefore, it will be necessary to replace them with products of the same or superior value.

    In cases in which the main flower of the bouquet must be changed, the company will attempt to contact the client to inform them. If they cannot establish contact, the company will proceed with the substitution with the aim of avoiding any delays in the delivery of the order. However, roses will never be changed for other flowers without prior permission from the client.

    If the florist does not have a specific added product available, the delivery will be made without the added product, which will be refunded to the client.

    Delivery policy on selected dates

    In periods with a high volume of orders, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, some of the previously mentioned policies will suffer the following variations.

    Changes and cancellations

    The company cannot guarantee the successful processing of changes or cancellations of orders, even if requested before the minimum time period previously specified.

    Time of delivery

    The company cannot guarantee that the delivery will be made in the morning or afternoon, even though the option has been made available during the order process.

    On these selected dates, delivery cannot be guaranteed. In cases where the company cannot guarantee the delivery of the client’s order in the selected date, delivery will take place on the first available date.

    Returns, changes and refunds

    If the client is not satisfied with their flower order, they can request a refund by presenting a complaint within two working days of the delivery date. The client must send their request to the customer services department via their FloraQueen account, including contact details.

    In the case of an incident related to quality, FloraQueen requests that the client sends an image of the delivered product to, indicating the order number in the email.

    We recommend that if returning a product by post, to do so by signed for or insured post for the value of the product with the postal company. This insurance is necessary in the case that the product is lost during transport by the courier. In any case, the costs of the return are the responsibility of the client. In exchange, as a customer of FloraQueen, the client will receive a discount for their next purchase.

    According to the right of return, the company will only accept products that are sent in their original packaging and are in a complete and good as new state (with all accessories, manuals, cables, plastic protection, etc.). The company will not accept items that have been sent incomplete, broken or dirty due to the clients actions, or items where the seal has been broken, or electronic items with a broken manufacturing seal.

    If the client realises that the product has arrived in poor condition upon receipt of delivery, this should be made clear in the receipt of delivery note of the courier, and then the client should contact FloraQueen to inform them in the case of damage to the product caused by the damage to the packaging.

    As a general rule, returns of the following are not accepted by the company:

    - Any type of software, video games, DVD, Blu-ray, that has been opened or had the seal broken by the consumer or user after delivery.

    - Any type of Apple product that has been opened or had the seal broken, or in which the user has created a personal identification account for this product.

    - Due to hygiene reasons, any type of product related to personal care, health or hygiene that has been opened after delivery.

    - Bags, jewellery and/or accessories must be returned in perfect condition and with all parts. Earring cannot have been used or worn. Clothing must be returned unworn and with all tags and labels.

    - Any product that requires direct contact with the body, for example, headphones, jewellery, clothing, perfumes, etc. whose packaging has been opened or if there are any signs of use.

    - Any type of robotic or radio controlled product which has been opened, bearing in mind that it is made up of many pieces with security packaging, that show signs of use will not be refunded.

    - The company does not accept returns of edible or food products that have been opened, such as sweets, chocolates, drinks, etc.

    In relation to defective products:

    - In the case that the client, at the moment of delivery, considers that it the product is not as stipulated in the contract, they should contact FloraQueen, providing the details of the product and any damage suffered to the product. In some cases, the company may request a photo of the damage.

    - Once the company receives the notification from the client, they will contact the client to inform them of how to proceed.

    As a general rule, these are the steps to follow:

    - Send an email to or call our Customer Services team with the order number and indicating whether you would like a change or return.
    - The client should return the product alongside the following information:

    - Personal information (e.g. name, date of birth, etc.)

    - Their email adress

    - Order number

    - Reason for the return

    - Date of receipt of delivery

    - Date of return

    - The product should be returned with all instructions, documentation and accessories that accompany the product, and in extra packaging to ensure that it is returned in the same state as it was received by the client.

    Once the company receives the product, it will begin to examine the returned product and will contact the client whether they will be able to receive a refund or substitute of the same product. The refund or substitution of the product will take place as soon as possible.

    In the case that the product(s) cannot be substituted, the client will receive a refund of the full amount paid for the products that we damaged or defective, if there is found to be a default or damage. There will be no refund for the cost of postage. In exchange, as a customer of FloraQueen, the client will be given a discount off their next purchase.

    In the case of partial returns (for example, where several products were ordered in one transaction, but not all products were damaged or defective), only the price of the returned articles will be refunded. The costs of postage, return and packaging of the gift will not be refunded.

    Refunds to bank accounts will take place once the returned product is received and the damage or defect has been verified, and will take place via the same method as the method of payment used to complete the purchase, provided that the product is received by FloraQueen in the same conditions as it was delivered to the client. There will be no refund or exchange of products that return in worse conditions to the warehouse of FloraQueen than were delivered to the client or do not fulfill all of the above criteria, and in this case, the client will lose the right to complaint.

    If you have any doubts, please get in contact with us at

  • Delivery delays

    The company will commit to putting all of their possible efforts and resources into ensuring that the delivery of your gift takes place on the selected date or period. If there is a delay of three or more working days from the estimated date of delivery, the client can request a full refund provided they reject the delivery. FloraQueen will refund the client when the product returns to the company’s warehouse or when the courier informs FloraQueen that it has begun the return process.

  • Guarantee

    The guarantee of products sold by FloraQueen are provided and established in accordance with the guidelines contained in the appropriate legislation, in particular, the Spanish General Law for the Defence of Customers and Users. This legal trademark has the aim of giving the consumer various options to claim remediation if the good provided does not comply with the contract, giving the option to claims for the substitution or repair of the product, unless this is determined impossible or unviable. When the repair or substitution is not possible or is unviable, the client can request a partial refund or reduced price, or the resolution of the contract.

    This condition applies to products that have a guarantee linked to the law.

    In the case of a client being unhappy with their product, they will have two years from the date of delivery in which the consumer can exercise their rights to complain. However, it is only in the first six months after delivery that it can be assumed that the issue was present when the product was delivered, and if the customer complains in the remaining 18 months, they must prove that the issue was present when delivered, and has not been caused since, as in accordance with the Spanish General Law for the Defence of Customers and Users.

    The seller is obliged to deliver products which conform with the contract of the order to the consumer, and if there is any difference the consumer must make the seller aware at the moment of delivery.

    Products with guarantees. The company is not responsible for any damage which can occur as a result of poor use, manipulation or unprofessional installations, or technical problems such as short circuiting. The guarantee will not be valid in any case where external factors to normal use of the product, like extreme temperatures, use of inappropriate accessories which are not provided by the producer, dropping the product, water damage, fire damage, or inappropriate or abusive usage by either the client, consumer or third parties who have not been authorised by the producer. The guarantee will not be covered in these conditions defined by the producer.

    The start date of the guarantee will be the date of delivery, as in accordance with the Spanish General Law for the Defence of Customers and Users.

    In the case of repairs to products, the client should only use official partners, recognised and licensed by the producer. The guarantee is in the name of the named customer in the contract, and only they can make use of the guarantee.

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